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Iron cast weights


Our FP-BLL-JD cast iron weight harmonises perfectly with the tractor chassis, it makes John Deere tractors appear successful finish.

Cast iron weights are a guarantee of quality ; shock, crack propagation and deformation resistant ; durable.


  • Contempory and aesthetic design, hood extension effect
  • Storage compartment on the top
  • Suitable for front linkage and weight carrier („U“ shaped side plates)
  • 2 weights: 630kg and 1000kg
  • A 500kg add-on weight to be paired underneath provides extra flexibility
  • Integrated coupling jaw to the 3rd link


Standard equipment

  • White retro-reflective strips at the extremities
  • Front linkage fixing kit including :                                                                                                                                       - Ø25mm gallows axis                                                                                                                                                       - towing clevis integrated into the 3rd point stem (clevis pin Ø30mm supplied)                                                        The side plates are reinforced (in screed) for the basic weight supplied with additional weight.            
  • John Deere weight frame compatible

  • Integrated storage space

Optional equipment

  • Logo                                                                                                                   - Pateer logo or your logo                                                                              - Can be luminous on request


  • 500kg additional weight                                                                                 - With underside fixing, pin locking


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