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Jack PateerPATEER GROUP, A 100 years of expertise

Since 1920 and four generations, PATEER Group has specialized in tractor parts and accessories development and production, for original equipment manufacturers and resellers located all over the world.
We, PATEER team, acquired skills and an essential know-how that we use to the benefit of the needs of our customers.

1920: The Pateer Group was created by Leo Pateer in 1920.

1946: Following the Marshall Plan (officially the European Recovery Program, ERP), Frans Pateer made several tractor accessories that were further being developed and manufactured in the 1950s and 1960s.

The first Import tractor Marshal plan tractor Mac-Cormick WD9 (Made in Chicago USA) is on display in the Experience Center.

1971: Jack Pateer, current director based at their headquarters on the location of PATEER BV in the Netherlands (, develops manufacturing and marketing units (counterweights, hooks, hitches, and other accessories for agricultural machinery), in several European countries.

1994: The Pateer France site, based in BRUZ Bretagne, is opened. The Bruz site specializes in the design and manufacture of welded accessories-parts, for agricultural and orchard tractors, telescopic handlers, forage harvesters, harvesters.

2019: March 21st marks the official opening of the PATEER Experience Center

2020: Celebrating 100 Years and building towards future generations


  • Headquarters FRANS PATEER BV, Sint-Jansteen, The Netherlands
  • Production plant accessories PATEER FRANCE, Bruz, France
  • Painting line and wharehouse, PATEER LOGISTICS, Bruz, France
  • PATEER EXPERIENCE CENTER showroom and platform, Bruz, France
  • Production plant concrete and magnetite counterweights, France and Spain
  • Production plant castings F-P UKRAINE
  • Production castings, CAST PATEER, Xuzhou foundry, China
  • Production castings, PATEER-BH-JV, Kolkata, India
  • Stocks and sales PATEER EASTERN EUROPE, Poland
  • Stocks and sales PATEER ITALIA, Caluso, Italy
  • Sales MOWERS IBERICA, Villariezo, Burgos, Spain (Importer Iberian peninsula) 
  • Sales LYNX ENGINEERING, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom (Importer UK, Ireland) 
  • Importers in U.K, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Canada, Japan